Top 10 Most Popular Longtail Keyword Websites   | January 2018

Get top 10 most popular longtail keyword website ranked by combination of domain authority, traffic and longtail keyword websites value research. Awesome list for you who searching for what are the best longtail keyword website this time.

Authority Rank:  3.8 /5Value Rank:  4.6 /5Traffic Rank:  4 /5

Long-Tail Keywords: A Better Way to Connect with Customers
Long-tail keywords are cost-effective and high-performing for both paid and organic search. Learn how to research and and use long tail keyword terms in your campaigns.

Authority Rank:  4.4 /5Value Rank:  3.8 /5Traffic Rank:  4.5 /5

What are Long Tail Keywords? - Define Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords are defined as keyword phrases that consist of between two and five words, usually used when searching for a rather specific item.

Authority Rank:  3.2 /5Value Rank:  4 /5Traffic Rank:  4 /5

Long Tail Pro - The Best Keyword Research Tool for Long
Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword research software on the market. Used by 70000+ marketers and SEOs

Authority Rank:  3.9 /5Value Rank:  4.6 /5Traffic Rank:  3.2 /5

Long Tail Keyword Tool : Get Keyword Suggestions that Work
HitTail is a dream long tail keyword tool for website owners, bloggers and marketers who want to increase traffic from Google and other search engines.

Authority Rank:  4.4 /5Value Rank:  3.6 /5Traffic Rank:  3.3 /5

Long-tail keywords: why they deserve your focus! • Yoast
Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases that are more specific – and usually longer – than more commonly searched for keywords. Long tail keywords get less

Authority Rank:  4.7 /5Value Rank:  3.9 /5Traffic Rank:  4.7 /5

The Resurgence of Long-Tail Keywords in SEO : Search
Less Competition. Long-tail keyword searches have less competition because of their nature; they often don’t have a bull’s-eye on them like the heavy-hitting core

Authority Rank:  4.3 /5Value Rank:  3.8 /5Traffic Rank:  3.4 /5

Three good reasons to target long tail keywords
Targeting potential customers who are 'late' in the buying cycle with long tail keywords, with Wordtracker - the leading keyword research tool. Take the 7-day free trial.

Authority Rank:  4.4 /5Value Rank:  3.3 /5Traffic Rank:  3.5 /5

How to Identify Long-Tail Keywords for Your SEO Campaign
Where to Get Long-Tail Keyword Suggestions. There are many places where you can find excellent candidates for long-tail keywords. Money is not a prerequisite;

Authority Rank:  3.8 /5Value Rank:  3.1 /5Traffic Rank:  4.4 /5

How to Generate 20,000 Monthly Visitors Through Long-Tail
Long-tail Keyword Research Tools. Manual SEO is a waste of time. You don’t have to build links with fancy tools, but you can research keywords and track ranking

Authority Rank:  4.3 /5Value Rank:  3.1 /5Traffic Rank:  4.4 /5

8 Ways to Find the Best Long-Tail Keywords :
8 Ways to Find the Best Long-Tail Keywords. Or a long-tail keyword could be used to further optimize a longer article or guide that targets one primary

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